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If you're looking to fish for payara in the Amazon and Orinoco River regions of Brazil and Venezuela, this is the place to start planning your trip, learn more about the species and payara fishing tactics, and outfit yourself with tackle, lures, clothing and other great stuff for the adventures ahead.

One of the world's meanest-looking species, the sabre-tooth payara also lays claim as one of the most challenging freshwater sportfish. Broken lines, battered lures, and shattered rods attest to the sheer strength of these menacing predators, making it the ultimate quarry for both the fly and plug anglers.

We know these exotic fish because we've fished them ourselves, from Uraima Falls, Guri Lake, Rio Ventuari and Caura in Venezuela to the Thaimacu, Xingu and Urariquera Rivers in Brazil.  We've hosted Larry Dahlberg and Trevor Gowdy's television shows and consulted the new Georgia Aquarium about collecting payara for its River Explorer exhibit.

Whether you're a first-time  payara angler or a hard-core addict, we invite you to explore our information resources - then call us at FishQuest to arrange the Amazon fishing trip of a lifetime, or QuesTackle to complete your arsenal of lures and other payara fishing tackle.


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